Loose Leaf Varieteas


I am a tea obsessed person…I have a whole shelf in my kitchen dedicated to tea. However, I hadn’t come across any brandย that had such bold and creative tea flavors, until Variteas. It’s a subscription based tea brand that sends you three, hand-picked, delicious loose leaf teas. They include different flavors and caffeine levels, so you can have more tea throughout the day! Oh, and it’s starting at onlyย $10 a month.

I received Just Peachy, Caught in the Rain, and A Dozen Roses. Just Peachy was a delicious, light tasting tea. And I love peach iced tea in summer. Caught in the Rain had a strong pineapple flavor so I enjoyed that one iced as well. My favorite was A Dozen Roses, but I knew that would be my fav right away. (I am slightly obsessed with roses: rose toner, rose perfume, dried roses hanging in my room…) It is a high caffeine black tea that is absolutely delish.

Try out Variteas for some new and unique tea flavors. Order with code “chelsea” for 30% off your first subscription!



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