Ways to Rock a Bandana

I was recently asked to share my bandana neck scarf ways, so here we go. I love all bandana uses: around the neck, as a headband, tied around a top knot. I typically have an issue with some of these because I have thin hair. And thin bones. Most scarves are just way too much fabric for me! The knots end up looking chunky and are not very comfortable. So I decided, screw it, I’m just going to tailor my scarves to work for me. I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped away.

Below, I’m using a large triangle scarf (American Eagle) to create a neck scarf and a headband. (You can also do this with a square bandana…you just won’t end up with a thin headband.) I cut the “headband” section (longer length side) roughly 2.5 inches wide. It’s okay if this isn’t perfect…mine certainly wasn’t. But you’ll end up rolling the headband later. This will create a smaller triangle and a long strip of fabric. If you have a square bandana, just cut from one corner to the opposite corner.

For the necktie, set aside the longer strip and roll the triangle section. I usually start with the point of the triangle and roll that in, simply tucking the rough edge under. Then you are ready to just knot it around your neck. Using less fabric allows the knot to become tighter and to lay flat against the base of your neck.





To create a headband, use the thinner strip and just roll/fold the rough edges in. You can either keep the strip flat in the front or knot it in the middle, depending on which look you like best. I find it’s best to use a dry shampoo and/or salt spray before trying this. (I have thin hair so I have to use something for texture and volume!) Then I typically just flip my head over and knot at the base of my neck. You can fluff out your hair and decide if you like your ears covered or not.



Now you have two great summer accessories! Do you have any other uses for a scarf or bandana that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below!

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