Everyday Mindfulness




Life gets so crazy it’s sometimes difficult to just stop moving/thinking/going and to just be. Some days I’m able to spend the extra time going to a yoga class (those are the best days) but it’s not always feasible with a busy schedule!

For those crazy days, when taking an hour or two out of my day is just not an option, I try and add yoga and meditation into my everyday life. Sometimes that means doing balancing poses while I cook or wait in line. There are also a lot of poses you can do while you’re still in bed before you even start your day (i.e. child’s pose, sitting forward fold, cat/cow, etc). Sometimes I setย an alarm on my lunch break for a 10 or 15 minute meditation.ย During the really stressful days or moments, yoga breathing can save you! Taking deep breaths to resist yelling at someone or saying something you’ll regret can be so helpful.

It’s really just about adding that everyday mindfulness to your life. It can just be a few minutes here and there during the busy times. It will really make you feel more at peace.


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