Adventurous Love

I love where I live but I have a constant desire to travel and see new places. I live in a beautiful beach town so the mountains are typically where I want to go. The views, temperatures, and air are completely different. I love walking on the beach but there’s something so exhilarating and refreshing about a mountain hike. ย I don’t see myself ever getting tired of exploring new places.

Something that I value in a partner is a travel companion. Thankfully, my boyfriend also has that itch for adventure too. For New Years, we did something out of the ordinary and went to stay in a cabin for the weekend. We were needing something more low-key than crazy partying. Just us and his Aussie, Leo. (Sidenote: Leo loves these adventures maybe more than us combined.) It was such an amazing getaway.ย  We hiked in the Dupont Forest in North Carolina andย got to see two crazy beautiful waterfalls. It wasn’t that long of a hike so we drove not too far away to witness the crazy views at Chimney Rock. It’s so inspiring to get out of town of a little while and to see new sights. ย And North Carolina has not seen the last of us.


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