The Happiest Place in the World


I, as much as the next 90’s babe, love Disney. My sister is one of those babes and she decided she wanted to head to Disney World for her 20th birthday weekend. We threw together a last minute trip and made the drive down! My best friend ended up being down in Orlando the same weekend so we got to spend a day with a few friends that live in the area too!

We spent our first day in Epcot drinking around the world and enjoying friend time. One of my friends has a baby, so that was a fun first experience in Disney. Baby Maia is the sweetest little chunk! It was a rainy, Orlando day so we definitely dealt with our fair share of frizzy hair and taking on and off rain jackets. After a day of laughing, drinking, and taking lots of pictures, we went to “Italy” to enjoy a delicious dinner. This was my sister’s main birthday dinner during the trip so we made sure there were plenty of cute Italian waiters to sing to her.

Our second day was spent in Magic Kingdom riding our favorite rides and just enjoying some Disney magic. We were able to enjoy a beautiful full moon over Cinderella’s castle and of course the spectacular firework show.

My sister, Tina, and I went to Animal Kingdom the final day before we had to head home. It was only my second time at this park but it might be my favorite. It seemed the least crowded and I loved the different cultural differences in the park. It sometimes felt like I was in a different part of the world. We got to dance and sing with African men and got henna tattoos done by Indian women.  Although I was exhausted after the weekend, we had a blast and we had a lot of interesting stories to tell!


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