North Carolina New Year’s


For a Florida girl, I really do enjoy having freezing cold holidays. Being in shorts on Christmas just really doesn’t make sense to me. This year I was lucky enough to get to head north to the mountains with my boyfriend, Kameron, and his Aussie, Leo for NYE. We were both wanting to get away for some peace and quiet (and adventure). I found a great deal on a cabin in Hendersonville, North Carolina (just south of Asheville) a week before New Years weekend and we were all set.

On New Years Eve Day, we decided to sleep in a little and I cooked a delish breakfast for us at the cabin. It was great having a kitchen (and fridge for beer) so we could eat in a few meals. It also let us have some seclusion and beautiful views.

We (Kam and I) headed north towards Asheville to the Biltmore Estate for the day. Before we were able to tour the house, we walked the grounds and conservatory. I can only imagine how beautiful the botanical gardens are during spring but we had to turn to the conservatory for any growing plant life this time of year. The views around the Biltmore were gorgeous too. They knew what they were doing when they planned the location of the house on the 8,000 acre estate. We finally got to go in the house and it was easily the most extravagant and over-the-top Christmas I have ever seen. Now my birthday is the day after Christmas so Christmas is a big deal to me. I absolutely love the holidays and I’m not sure how I had gone this long without witnessing the Biltmore’s Christmas. The house is HUGE and the main tour only takes you through maybe a third of the house. There were at least 50 fully decorated Christmas trees in the house. And the interior design throughout was incredible. The tour was a little pricey but definitely worth it. It’s always fun to check out something different and learn a little while you’re in a new city.

After the Biltmore tour, we planned on stopping into one of the local restaurants but we decided to eat take out pizza from a local place in Hendersonville. I wish I had taken a picture of this pizza but we were too hungry and devoured it quickly both times we ordered it. Yes, we ordered it the first night and the third night because it was so yummy. (It’s called West First Wood-fired Pizza in case you’re ever in the area.) For New Years Eve, we decided to go explore downtown Hendersonville and figured we could bar hop until we found a good spot to ring in the new year. Luckily, I had seen a brewery the night before so we stopped there first. We stumbled upon what I will now say was the best bar I’ve ever been into, Sanctuary Brewery. It was a huge industrial-looking room with bar on one side, band and dancing on the other. I enjoyed the most delicious ginger champagne cider and Kam tried a few of their beers and loved them all. We both love to dance and the band played a variety of upbeat covers that we jammed to all night. It was so fun to be in a different bar surrounded by a ton of people we didn’t know for the night. After a couple hours of drinking and dancing (and kissing a midnight),  we went back to the cabin to hang out with Leo and drink a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Ringing in 2017 was one of the best New Years Eves I’ve had and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store!


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