Florence + the Red Rocks


Any excuse to travel is really a good one. However, this trip was to see my favorite band, Florence + the Machine at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO. A dream trip, really.  My best friend, Megan, and I flew out of the New Orleans airport because there are cheaper flights and of course a beignet stop was totally necessary.

We spent the first couple nights of our adventure at a friends’ cabin outside of Vail. There was shotty cell reception which meant also crazy-beautiful mountain views. We spent our first days hiking to Booth falls and enjoying the Colorado river. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful during summer and were covered in lush grass and wild flowers. Although we got hot from hiking, the weather was a much cooler change from our hot Florida summer. Megan is a yoga teacher and I practice regularly so, of course, we did a few poses along the way.

After enjoying peace and quiet in the mountains, we headed back into Denver to explore the city and to go see Florence at the Red Rocks. We both found the perfect long-sleeved, Free People dresses for the show because it does get a little chilly in the evenings. One of the great things about being at the Red Rocks for a concert is you get to wander around and explore beforehand. There is tailgating in the parking lot and trails to hike all around the amphitheater. We finally got into the amphitheater and Florence + the Machine started. In case you’ve never listened to Florence Welch, when she speaks she sounds like this British fairy with the softest volume. But when she sings…it is chill-giving. She is equal part power-house, equal part awesome, hippy singer. She jumps, dances, and runs around barefoot throughout her performances (we’d probably be best friends). She did a special acoustic set during the show that was just breathtaking. Needless to say if you haven’t listened to her…you are missing out.

All-in-all, Colorado was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been with some of the friendliest people. It will definitely be a place I travel to many more times…


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